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Grass Fed Beef

Sold in 1/4, 1/2 or whole

Custom processing and packaging by Jerome Country Market - Visit their website

Know where you food comes from

Our cattle are hormone and anti-biotic free

Our cattle are born and raised by us on our family farm, they graze on our beautiful pastures in the summer and eat our home grown hay and haylage in the winter months.

We sell our beef by the ound by hanging weight - the average side is 300-350 lbs.  Once we have a drop off date you will have to send your custom cut order to Jerome Country Market.  We will deliver the animal to Jerome Market and send you an invoice once we have the hanging weight.  You will pay Jerome Country market for cutting and packaging when you pick up your beef at Jerome Country Market.

             "hanging Weight" - is the weight of a side of beef as it hanges on the rail in a          meat  cooler.

Yield from a lean choice 300lb side

Fat and bone (waste) 15%

Usable meat cuts 225lb. take home 85%